Groupe des hackers



[FIN4] is a financially-motivated threat group that has targeted confidential information related to the public financial market, particularly regarding healthcare and pharmaceutical companies, since at least 2013.(Citation: FireEye Hacking FIN4 Dec 2014)(Citation: FireEye FIN4 Stealing Insider NOV 2014) [FIN4] is unique in that they do not infect victims with typical persistent malware, but rathe


[Gallmaker] is a cyberespionage group that has targeted victims in the Middle East and has been active since at least December 2017. The group has mainly targeted victims in the defense, military, and government sectors.(Citation: Symantec Gallmaker Oct 2018)


[SilverTerrier] is a Nigerian threat group that has been seen active since 2014. [SilverTerrier] mainly targets organizations in high technology, higher education, and manufacturing.(Citation: Unit42 SilverTerrier 2018)(Citation: Unit42 SilverTerrier 2016)


[APT38] is a financially-motivated threat group that is backed by the North Korean regime. The group mainly targets banks and financial institutions and has targeted more than 16 organizations in at least 13 countries since at least 2014.(Citation: FireEye APT38 Oct 2018) North Korean group definitions are known to have significant overlap, and the name [Lazarus Group](

Tropic Trooper

[Tropic Trooper] is an unaffiliated threat group that has led targeted campaigns against targets in Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. [Tropic Trooper] focuses on targeting government, healthcare, transportation, and high-tech industries and has been active since 2011.(Citation: TrendMicro Tropic Trooper Mar 2018)(Citation: Unit 42 Tropic Trooper Nov 2016)(Citation: TrendMicro Tropic Trooper


[Thrip] is an espionage group that has targeted satellite communications, telecoms, and defense contractor companies in the U.S. and Southeast Asia. The group uses custom malware as well as "living off the land" techniques. (Citation: Symantec Thrip June 2018)


[Rancor] is a threat group that has led targeted campaigns against the South East Asia region. [Rancor] uses politically-motivated lures to entice victims to open malicious documents. (Citation: Rancor Unit42 June 2018)


[Orangeworm] is a group that has targeted organizations in the healthcare sector in the United States, Europe, and Asia since at least 2015, likely for the purpose of corporate espionage. (Citation: Symantec Orangeworm April 2018)


[Leafminer] is an Iranian threat group that has targeted government organizations and business entities in the Middle East since at least early 2017. (Citation: Symantec Leafminer July 2018)


[Honeybee] is a campaign led by an unknown actor that targets humanitarian aid organizations and has been active in Vietnam, Singapore, Argentina, Japan, Indonesia, and Canada. It has been an active operation since August of 2017 and as recently as February 2018. (Citation: McAfee Honeybee)